Paul Simmons

About Paul

I've been playing drums for many years now. I've been blessed to have played professionally for most of that time. It does go fast!

Some of the bands I've worked with include...
Tom Keifer - Current
Raelyn Nelson Band - Current
The Reverend Horton Heat
The Legendary Shack Shakers
Defense Wins Championships
The Prog Rock Orchestra
Black Oak Arkansas
Accept (demos)
Ezekiel Steel
Speed Limit
Dan Halen
Jimmy The Weed

Hundreds of demos, custom recordings, and song writing sessions.

I began playing drums in school at 12 years old after seeing KISS in concert. I've never looked back.
My school band director Brad Kinney was a huge influence on me from the 7th grade thru the 12th grade. I owe him big time.
And my parents are the reason that I even had a chance to play music. Thanks Mom and Dad!
Then there's my brothers Mike (guitar) and Jamie (bass). Enough said! The most talented musicians I know. We still play together every chance we get.

Rock and Roll has taught me so much about life. Every job I've ever had has been to further my music career. And everything I've learned along the way is the benefit of being willing. I need to play. So I'm willing to work for it. And I still feel that way everyday.