*Depending on the complexity of the track

Multiple Custom Drum Tracks

Minimum of 3 or more *starting @ $110 each

Custom Drum Tracks *starting @ $125


This is Paul Simmons ​from Nashville TN. If you need great sounding drum tracks for any style of music I can help. I've been a professional drummer and producer for many years and have been fortunate to play with some amazing musicians in my career. I look forward to playing for you too. Here's a few...


Drummer for Gene Simmons, Tom Keifer, Raelyn Nelson, SIMMONZ, and The Prog Rock Orchestra , The Legendary Shack Shakers, Petra, Black Oak Arkansas, Accept, just to name a few. I built my studio here in Nashville a few years ago and I'm available to record my drums for YOU! I use Gretsch drums, Meinl cymbals, Evans heads with great mics and quality pre amps. Drum tuning and mic placement is essential to getting a great sound. (2) Kick mics, Snare Top & Bottom, Hat, (3) Toms, Overheads, and Room mics. I'm using Pro Tools 2020 and provide you with the WAV files or what ever format you like. After discussing what you are going for I'll do 1 version for you. You let me know what changes to make, then I give you the final version. I've been doing this a long time and I know you will be happy!